Roleplay:(Free Join) Treniahk's Future Edit *History

Add a photo&nbspIt is total war now Thrash and Treniahk now lead the Resistence to Near victory againts the new alien race. Treniahk must now try and keep his sisters/ Wives safe from dehydration due to the aliens theiving of Mobius's water supply. Can Treniahk stop the Aliens before his children are born, or will he fail and watch his new famil parish?


[[[]]hide]*1 Rules


  • Sexual scenes are forbidden (Kissing, hugging, Flirting and the occasional Peeping Tom are allowed)
  • Have Fun
  • No Sub Plots
  • No Autohits
  • Don't have babies being born to early into the war
  • Visions are only For Jack the Hedgehog (If Spongebob 100 joins), Treniahk, Darkstorm, Missy, Kissy, Nina and Minta (If Apallo joins)




Frozen Scorpio


Treniahk the Halfxeno

Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Blaze THC

Rik The Spidermonkey

Dark Lords (Temporary allience)

Frilahk the Frilled Lizard

Nina the Hedeghog

Minta The Hedgehog




Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Freeze the unknown (frozen scorpio)

Metal Blaze (Frozen Scorpio)


Jack: (sleeping on his Hammock)

Blaze THC: Hey honey (In her Black Bikini)

Jack: Wow! Nice Swimsuit, honey

Patricia: (appears) Hi guys, how are you doing?

Jack: We're doing great

Darkstorm:(Crash lands and Pants)

Jack: Darkstorm are you ok? (falls off the hammock) Ow! I'm ok

Freeze: (falls out of the sky) Hello

With TreniahkEdit

Treniahk:*Brings back Fresh water for his Sisters/wives*